TrueWave Set

TrueWave Set
High precision, highly energy efficient, high current, special signal generator, for testing biological system responses.

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TrueWave Set

High precision, highly energy efficient, high current, special signal generator, for testing biological system responses. 
TrueWave device does not generate nor radiate any traditional EM (electro-magnetic) fields or emissions, which are now more widely known to be harmful and interfering to human body and many other biological systems or life forms.

Components: 1 Portable device, 1 Station device, USB charger (5W) and accessories.

Technical Specifications:

1. Precision pure 8.20Hz (<100ppm) Sine wave, approximating earth’s natural resonance, with all high order harmonics, distortions and noises meticulously suppressed (with ~60dB SNR or 1,000,000 times reduction).

2. Special planar spiral coil (30 turns per side, two sides connected in series, 3.3 Ohm total resistance, similar to a Tesla coil in Mobius resistor configuration) configured to be fully canceling and non-inductive, to suppress any residual EM field.

3. High energy efficient, high current output into special spiral coil load element:

  a)    Portable device in Battery mode (SW=down position): ~100mA peak (>70mA rms), typical 4 hours play time after full charge (LIR2430H rechargeable battery).  Suitable for proximity wearing on body.

  b)    Portable device in USB mode (SW=up position): ~750mA peak (>500mA rms) using 5V USB supply during battery charging.  Suitable for short range desktop use.

  c)    Station device using supplied USB charger: ~1200mA peak (>800mA rms).  Suitable for use in a room.  Note: only use the supplied 5W USB charger to ensure high current capability and low signal distortion.

4. Playing routine: alternating 3-minute Run mode (LED flashes every second) and 3-minute Rest mode (LED flashes every 2 seconds).  Same for all devices and modes.







Since the invention of electricity and EM-based machinery and communication equipment, rapid proliferation of such devices, appliances, machinery and equipments have by now permeated our entire society and invaded almost all human communities, from Very Low Frequency (such as 50Hz, 60Hz utility and their harmonics) to microwave frequency range (<1GHz, 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands). 
The advances of convenience may have exacted their price, as we gradually learned more about the detrimental effects of exposure to most (if not all) of these EM fields and radiations, on human biological systems, which is at least partially relying on EM fields generated within our body, and so interference effects may be inevitable, unpredictable and highly varied.  We should also be wary that any “direct” application of EM fields, radiations, and current injections for therapeutic effects may have seriously non-beneficial effects.

Many persons are quite sensitive to subtle EM effects and can detect or react to the presence of EM fields and radiations, and some among them can even discern their non-beneficial nature.

The design of TrueWave device is specifically to suppress all intentional or residual EM fields and radiations, while simulating the earth’s harmonizing resonance, while applying the most advanced technology to make it highly affordable.  The special spiral coil load element is constructed and configured to cancel out all inductive (reactive) coupling effects so it’s free of EM field radiations, similar to a Tesla coil in Mobius resistor configuration.  

It is observed that, many persons can indeed sense or respond to TrueWave’s non-EM fields and radiations, which is quite amazing by itself.  Furthermore, some among them can discern the non-harmful or even beneficial nature from TrueWave devices.  A few commonly observed effects: faster nail growth, tingling sensations, calmer and deeper relaxation, calmer and deeper meditation, and better sleep quality.  Many of these effects may be recorded and compared using tools such as TrueSense or ReLax kits.

We made this device available and affordable, so you may choose to explore, experiment and experience for yourself.  To see if you are one among the persons that can sense or respond positively to TrueWave’s “non-existent” field and radiations, and whether or not the earth’s harmonizing natural resonance may help you restore your inner calm and bodily balance, while living in this turbulent and invasive world. 

Key Characteristics and Self Experimentation:

1. TrueWave devices generate neglible Electro-Magnetic fields or radiations, no lights, no audio and neglible mechanical vibrations.  The noticeable heat dissipation (warm to the touch) for Station device is due to high current dissipation, please use it in well ventilated environment.

2. TrueWave device playing:

  2.1 Portable device: please charge it whenever not in use for maximum play time. 
         Please set SW=up during battery charging for higher current USB mode. 
         Plays from battery with SW=down, or turns OFF with SW=up when charger is disconnected. 
         The Portable device should be carried or worn close to body (within 1~3 feet) to be effective.

  2.2 Station device: only use the supplied 5W USB charger, plays whenever AC power is supplied.
         The desktop device should have an effective range of 20 feet or less.

3. Suggestions for biosignal recording of bodily responses and effects:

   3.1    meditation state (reduced brain activities) brings better awareness of bodily sensations and effects.

   3.2    bodily sensations normally get reduced or disappear with prolonged exposure (reduced sensitivity is normal body adaptation process), and may reappear after pause (half-day to a few days) and resumed exposure.

   3.3    the minimum play session should be 30min, and at least 1 session per day.  Continued playing over 24hrs or days or weeks should pose no negative effects.  To check effects on sleep pattern and quality, it’s recommended to keep it playing continuously overnight.

   3.4    the body usually takes a few to 30 minutes (dwell time) to respond to the playing, and may continue to respond (storage time) even after the playing is ended.  Therefore, do not expect strong, immediate, concrete responses with the devices being ON or OFF.

   3.5    the body reactions vary greatly from person to person, depending on age, health conditions, and sensitivity to subtle body movements and adjustments.   Generally, young people (with more harmonized bodily functions) tend to report fewer effects.

4. Possible sensations and effects for your reference:

   4.1  Short term:

            feel of static electricity on skin

            feel of electrical stimulation or vibrations

            feel of nerve twitching or vibrations

            feel of muscle twitching or vibrations

            feel of increased blood flow

            feel of head (inside) pressure

            feel of queasiness     

4.2   Mid-to-long term:

Improved immune system response

            Less allergic to food

            Less allergic to insect bites

            Less severe flu or cold symptoms

Improved metabolism and body function

            Regular/better bowel movement and urination

            Reduced body weight

            Shinier smoother more hydrated skins

            Healthier thicker finger/toe nails

            Healthier hair

Improved or calmer mental state

            Deeper more restful sleep

            Shorter sleep without drowsiness

            Ease of entering meditation state

            More relaxed and patient even under stressful situations

            More focused or attentive

            Better ability to learn new things

            Better ability to choose and curb the less-healthy urges

            Less opinionated and open to other perspectives

            Fewer and less intense emotional outbursts

            Healthier (less-excessive) lifestyle