Accessory Pack

Accessory Pack

USD 5.93


The Accessory Pack (AP) includes:

1. Silicone headband and elastic string (2 sets).

2. Dry electrode set (1 set, pre-mounted on headband).

3. Gel electrode set (1 set with 6 pairs of gel-pads).

4. Preformed adhesive tapes (6.5X1.2cm, 30 ea), for compact electrode taping (align the holes over electrodes.)

5. ComfoPore breathable waterproof film (6X4cm, 20 ea): suitable for even more demanding adhesion requirements, for secure, comfortable, long duration electrode taping.   Simply stretch the transparent thin film over electrodes and skin and attach tightly and firmly to skin, the electrodes can easily break through the thin film and make good electrical contact with bio-sensor electrodes.  You may cut each ComfoPore film (6X4cm) into two pieces (6X2cm each) for more efficient usage.